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Title Author Call Number Front Cover Back Cover
Boy nymphet Llewellyn, Terry UNM BK 02
Boy nymphet Llewellyn, Terry UNM BK 02
Meat Rack None UNM BK 03
The cruiser Bannis, Lester UNM BK 04
Red Tarme, Howard UNM BK 05
Queen of the road (none) UNM BK 06
The delicate world of Kenneth Marlowe Marlowe, Kenneth ; Warunkiw, Al Steve [ill.] UNM BK 07
Open road lovers None UNM BK 08
The last of the crazy people Findley, Timothy UWOLS BIB
The male member Schwartz, Kit UWOLS BIB
Lust roots Sebreng, Lupo VAL VB 103
Solo-sex Robbins, Burch VEN VB 315
Man, woman & beast Sherman, Jory VEN VB 335
Society and the homosexual Westwood, Gordon VIC GO 1
The fourth sex Robbins, Burch VIC VP 233
The compulsive erotic Wade, Carlson VIC VP 252
The whipmasters Crowell, Anthony VIC VP 277
The happy hustler Saxon, Grant Tracy WAR 59-691
All the sad young men Anonymous WIS W 108