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Title Author Call Number Front Cover Back Cover
Queens of the road Milton, Jack BRA HO 6096
The underbrush boys Doyle, Patrick BRA HO 6127
Pederasty in Europe Tarnowsky, Benjamin BRA LI 2015
Teleny attributed to Oscar Wilde BRA LI 2016
The snake and the womb Carmichael, K.C. BRA LI 2050
Blow me down, white boy Sampiere, Joseph CAD SAM
Homo hunt Evans, Gene CAM CA 8004
Homo hunt Evans, Gene CAM CA 8004
His black adonis Garfield, Dick CAM CA 9280
The lustful Turk Anonymous CAN PLX 201
Kama Sutra Vatsyayana CAS 01
The gay year de F., M. CAS 02
Hercules and the centaur Anonymous CEN CE
The anal lovers Stritch, Irwin and Stramm, Dennis CLL WW 49
Milky White Ass Anonymous CLO WH 501
Gay underworld Knight, Jack CLP SAL 411
Fag peeper Adams, Ben CLP SAL 764
No end to the way Jackson, Neville COG FN 7579
The pleasure thieves Daimer, Harriet and Crannach, Henry COL CO DAI
Terror Van Heller, Marcus COL CO VAN