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Title Author Call Number Front Cover Back Cover
The isabel conspiracy Gronowski, Paul BLU CA 103
Garden of cruel delights Hughes, Peter Tuesday BLU CA 104
Behind the badge Gronowski, Paul BLU CA 107
Address book '76 Damron, Bob BOB D 76
Cruel lips / The pleasure thieves Van Heller, Marcus BON BS 32
Cream for dessert Forbes, Jason BOO BH 102
Known homosexual Colton, James BRA BR 2074
Homo in the guesthouse Michaels, Jack BRA BR 2081
Murder on Queer Street Evans, Gene BRA BR 3044
The magnificent maricon Spatari, William Charles BRA BR 3052
The magnificent maricón Spatari, William Charles BRA BR 3052
You're a hard man, Jaime Coxman Allyson, Kym BRA BR 3064
Two gay sleuths Kaye, H.R. BRA BR 3066
Sexual perversion and the teen-ager Danch, William BRA BR 6008
The anal compulsion in homosexuality Samuels, Victor J. BRA BR 6015
The son of Fanny Hill Anonymous BRA BR 6121
The devil is gay Colson, Frederick BRA BR 933
Dynasty of decadence Allen, Nick BRA BR 999
Daisies in a chain Allyson, Kym BRA HO 6082
Queens of the road Milton, Jack BRA HO 6096