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Title Author Call Number Front Cover Back Cover
Making the team Chadwick, Stu ARE DS 118
Black sun Reich, Kyle ARE GB 110
Silver screen Michaels, Ward ARE GB 112
Macho brother Reich, Kyle ARE GB 115
The boy of Thira Lange, Raymond ARE GB 116
Night of the animals Reich, Kyle ARE GB 118
Eager hot butt Sampson, David ARE PF 104
The gay flesh Houston, Joe Leon ARG BK 01
Faggots to burn! Bradley, Matt ART IE 709
The Lord won't mind Merrick, Gordon AVO 56416
Now let's talk about music Merrick, Gordon AVO 77867
An idol for others Merrick, Gordon AVO 78667
Perfect freedom Merrick, Gordon AVO 80127
Paris escort Harper, Daniel AVO E 122
Trio Baker, Dorothy AVO G 1118
Love in the shadows Evans, John AVO T 104
End as a man Willingham, Calder AVO T 240
Fort Frederick Des Ligneris, Francoise AVO T 456
Strange brother Niles, Blair AVO T 493
Fiery furnace Williams, Lawrence AVO T 497